Claddex can supply traditional maintenance free Marley Eternit fibre cement, modern PVC half round deep flow and high capacity folded metal gutters to suit your requirements.

Whether you are making repairs, redesigning your guttering to harvest rainwater or providing roof drainage for your new building.

Claddex can supply the materials you need at the most competitive prices


  • 170mm high capacity systems available in black and grey
  • Robust rainwater drainage suitable for all roof areas
  • Practical and easy to install
  • Full range of fittings stocked
  • Downpipes various diameters, 110mm black or grey and 160mm grey available in 3m, 4m and 6m lengths

Metal Gutter Systems

  • Galvanized gutter folded in 1mm – 3mm material to suit your requirements for eaves, valley or boundary wall gutter systems
  • Available in lengths up to 7.5m
  • Joggled or sleeved joints
  • High capacity 1mm eaves gutter – cost effective 150mm or 200mm system
  • Plastisol “Trimline” gutter supported off the roof sheets in a colour and size to suit your requirements
    Stop ends, outlets,sealants and fixings to suit all gutter types

Fibre Cement

  • Marley Eternit half round gutter available ex stock in 150mm(6in) and 200mm(8in)
  • Full range of gutter fittings in stock
  • Other sizes available to special order
  • Fibre cement downpipes and swan necks, valley, box and boundary gutters are all available to special order